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Michael J. Tasset


University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.A., English, 1991

University of Nebraska College of Law,
Juris Doctor, 1995


Nebraska State Bar Association
1995 to Present

Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association
1996 to Present


Federal CJA Panel: Best Bench Trial Win, 2009
Federal CJA Panel: Don Quixote Award, 2011


Seminar: "Defense of DWI Cases & Related Offenses"
June 9, 2000

Federal CJA Panel Seminar: "Recent Prosecutorial Practices and Court Rulings"
September, 2011


"The New DUI Enhancement Law"
June 2000 Habeas Corpus


Nebraska State Bar Association, 1995
Nebraska State Courts, 1995
United States District Courts, 1995
8th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1995


United States vs. Angelina Alford, Case No. 8:05-CR73 (Cocaine load suppressed by federal trial court)

United States vs. Rufino Villarreal, Case No. 8:07CR69 (Complete acquittal in federal mail fraud/money laundering case)

United States vs. Virginia Ramirez-Melendez, Case No. 8:09CR14 (200 pound cocaine seizure; federal case dismissed)

United States vs. Shannon Williams, Case No. 8:09CR457 (Massive federal drug conspiracy prosecution)

In re 3628 V Street, 262 Neb. 77, 628 N.W.2d 272, 29 Media L. Rep. 2117 (2001)(Novel challenge to sealing of search warrant)

State ex rel. Nebraska State Bar Ass'n v. Krepela, 259 Neb. 395, 610 N.W.2d 1 (2000) (Successful defense of County Judge)

Truman v. Truman, 256 Neb. 628, 591 N.W.2d 81 (1999)(Huge child support arrearage vacated)

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