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Personal Injury

Insurance companies will not ensure you receive the largest settlement possible if you are injured due to someone's careless actions. By hiring an attorney who represents only your interests you will receive the settlement you deserve under the law. At Johnson and Mock, our experienced attorneys focus on meeting your needs and achieving the best settlement possible for all injuries caused to you and your quality of life.

When you've been injured, your focus is probably on the injury and not necessarily on any future legal action. But there are some important steps you should take right after the incident and during your recovery that will help us help you receive the best outcome on your claim.

As soon as possible after the accident, write down everything that has happened, including details such as these:

What were the weather conditions if you were injured in traffic: rainy, icy, wet, clear? What were the conditions if you were injured indoors?
What were you doing before the accident -- stopped in traffic, waiting for a light to change, walking to an appointment?
What happened during the accident? How did it occur? What did you feel during and after the accident? How did you feel about what happened?
Were there any witnesses? Include their names, addresses and telephone numbers.
What type of medical treatment did you seek? Include the name, address and telephone number of the healthcare provider who treated you.
It may be appropriate to take photographs at the same time of day as when you were injured. For example, if you fell due to an uneven sidewalk on your way to work, take a photo of the area from different angles at that same time of day.
Taking pictures of your injuries is also important. Have someone take a photo of you that shows your injuries clearly.
Were the police summoned? If so, write down the name of the officer who responded to the scene and get a copy of the official police report.
If you were in a traffic accident, also write down the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved and include the insurance information for each driver.

Keeping a diary or a record of how the injury impacts your life is also important. For example, does the injury impair your ability to work, to perform the daily tasks of caring for your family, limit your ability to drive, walk, etc.?

Include a tally of the time you have taken to go to doctor appointments, physical therapy and time missed from work. Were planned vacations postponed or cancelled? What has been the economic impact of this injury? Have you had to rent medical equipment, such as a wheelchair, as a result of the accident?

While your claim is being processed, make notes on conversations you have with your insurance company, healthcare provider or anyone else with whom you discuss important information about your case. Include each person's name and contact details, the date, and make notes on what was said.

Keep track of your progress toward a recovery, including notes about how this process impacts other areas of your life. All of these details will be part of your case and the process of settling your claim.

Try not to speak with any representative of the insurance company for the person or company that injured you without the advice of an attorney.

Keep comments about your injury off of social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Most importantly, don't agree to a settlement without discussing the issue with your attorney.

The negligence of others can cause personal injury beyond traffic accidents. We have represented the injured in cases like these as well:

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Johnson and Mock has been representing injured people since 1977. We know how to successfully handle your case.