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Criminal Defense

It can be frightening and intimidating to be charged with a crime. If you are convicted, you could be imprisoned and burdened with a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. If you have been charged, you should hire a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Criminal defense is a highly specialized area of legal practice. Aggressive, effective legal representation can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.

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We have successfully represented clients who have been accused of serious crimes, such as illegal drugs, money laundering, sexual assault, weapons violations, hit and run, manslaughter, murder, rape, molestation, stalking, theft, burglary, embezzlement, fraud, domestic violence and drunk driving offenses.

We have represented clients in cases such as these:
Criminal Defense
Death Penalty Cases
Terroristic Threats
Juvenile Criminal Law

Drug Crimes
Drug Trafficking
Drug Forfeiture
Interstate Drug Crimes
Search and Seizure
Federal Criminal Law
Traffic Stops

Sex Offenses
Sexual Assault
Child Sexual Abuse
and other Sex Crimes

Johnson and Mock's attorneys have tried cases in state courts all across Nebraska, and in federal courts in Nebraska and surrounding states. Many criminal cases are resolved by plea agreements with the prosecutor, and our attorneys enjoy a good working relationship with the prosecutors they oppose; however, it is critical to be represented by lawyers who can effectively defend you at trial if an agreement cannot be reached. Skilled and experienced advocates are indispensable in a criminal trial.

The firm's attorneys also appear with regular success in state and federal appellate courts. Within the last five years, we have appeared numerous times before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Nebraska Supreme Court and the Nebraska Court of Appeals.

In today's world, there is increasing federal involvement in prosecuting all types of crime. The expertise of Johnson and Mock's attorneys will be of particular benefit to you if you are charged with a federal offense. The United States Code and the United States Sentencing Guidelines will be utilized to determine your sentence if you are convicted. These sentencing laws are complex and provide for severe penalties in most cases. Johnson and Mock's attorneys have extensive experience in fighting for the best possible results for their clients.